@mackrotattoos ⎢ Ever since Christian has been able to think, he has been passionate about painting and drawing. He realized at a young age how much love for detail and focus he has and  expressed his creativity in various ways. His ambition to create the most precise designs has led him to complete an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. However, he quickly realized how slow he feels in his creativity and that he can not fully unfold. During an internship with a tattoo artist, he quickly realized that this profession is one of the very few in which an artist can realize his very own and individual art in a very special way. Christian loves geometrical motifs like mandalas, because this is exactly where he can live out his love of detail to 100%. However, floral or animal motifs like snakes for example, give him great pleasure. Big projects like back pieces arouse his interest, because he loves to surpass and grow himself again and again.
‘Tattooing is the most perfect way for me to relax and find my inner peace.’